Breakthroughs Martin Sheen on Language Disorder Treatment

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As children begin to develop, the miracles of the mind begin to present themselves. Children learn to walk, they develop imaginations and they begin to share their thoughts with others through language.

For some children though, language issues can create problems that can frustrate the child and inhibit them in their education and ability to socialize with others. The Breakthroughs Martin Sheen TV program at explores how these disorders of the mind are being treated to help children learn how to communicate.

Specific Language Impairment is when there are problems with the code that allows a child to move a thought from their mind into language that they can use to convey that thought to others.

Therapists can start to diagnose the disorder when children are four or five years old as their language should start to become fully developed.

Once other causes like hearing loss have been eliminated, specialists can start to work with a child to re-wire the brain to help the child communicate more effectively.

One of the keys to helping children is cooperation and collaboration between the therapist and parents.

By encouraging the child to continue to work through their issues by essentially practicing the use of language, they can prevent a child from becoming frustrated and losing the desire to communicate.

Often when a child starts to shut down communication it can stop progress in its tracks and can sometimes cause a child to begin to act out on their frustrations.

The TV show Breakthroughs with Martin Sheen also found that educators are learning new methods to identify children with language disorders. A child that seemingly sticks to a limited repertoire of phrases and confuses pronouns often might have an issue.

The producers are working on ongoing reporting on this issue. Join Martin Sheen PBS on Facebook for more details about how the show can bring more issues with child development to audiences.

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  1. janicewood says:

    Additionally, Breakthroughs Martin Sheen will be doing another report on the role technology is playing in improving language skills.

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