Technological Advances Featured on the Breakthroughs Martin Sheen Show

Technological Advances Featured on the Breakthroughs Martin Sheen Show

Smartphones represent some of the great technological advances that have come about in the last 20 years.

Think back to a time not too long ago. Go back 20 years in your mind. Something called the “internet” allowed people to communicate through their computers. People started to send “electronic mail,” and the term soon became e-mail. Cell phones existed, but not as the sleek, handheld devices that they have become today. No one used their phones to watch TV shows and movies, or surf the web or send e-mail. The pace of progress continues to speed up, as companies and entrepreneurs race to develop the next great technological innovation. Technology has revolutionized business and our society. A new TV program, called Breakthroughs with Martin Sheen, which airs on public television stations across the country, brings TV audiences stories of advancement and innovation from across society.

Shown on many public TV stations, including some PBS member stations, the Breakthroughs Martin Sheen introduces viewers to companies, inventors, organizations, entrepreneurs and institutions that stand at the forefront of ingenuity in electronics, health care, education, green energy and other fields. The Martin Sheen Breakthroughs show ( highlights new products, processes, services and methods that have helped move our country forward.  The Martin Sheen PBS show also looks at ways that businesses and consumers have taken better care of the environment.

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  1. janicewood says:

    Breakthroughs Martin Sheen is also working on a new report about the future of technology in journalism that will air this summer.

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